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Employment Law

The other arm to our services is the providing of Employment Law advice and advocacy.  We help and represent both employees and employers with employment relationship problems.

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Looking for information on Employment Law? Go directly to our site www.employmentlaw.net.nz

Danny Gelb Mediation Services is here to help resolve commercial and business disputes. One of the most common questions asked of us is:

"What does a mediator actually do?"

With "mediation services" being such a broad term that is utilised in many different arenas, chances are 10 different mediators will give you 10 different replies. I am a dispute resolution and negotiation professional. Should you find yourself in a situation whereby your negotiation with another party has run out of steam, or possibly hit a brick wall, then you should call us. The types of disputes and negotiations we regularly help people with include:

  • Business contract negotiations
  • Business disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Partnership division negotiations (Business and matrimonial)
  • Civil disputes
  • Employment problems

Similar to how you know to call your local doctor when you are not feeling well, should you have a problem with another person then we are the people to call. Every dispute or problem has one common element; a human element. We have the skill set that can give you a very good probability of overcoming this. However, not every issue can be mediated and that's why we still have the alternative of our courts for the very small percentage of matters that can't be resolved with mediation.

Mediation is a dispute resolution process that helps people find their own solutions to a problem, without someone else telling them, or forcing them, to a resolution that they may not like or agree with. Conflicts can consume vast amounts of energy and have a negative impact on your life and others around you including business partners, work colleagues, family and friends. Please explore our mediation services site. If nothing else, it will inform you of the positive aspects of mediation and the types of mediation services that we can provide. There are countless different types of disputes that people can encounter. See our FAQ for answers to these common disputes.

In this post COVID environment people are now far more receptive to online mediation via Zoom, Teams or alike.  Not only are we now using this technology for local mediations, we now also find ourselves involved in international mediations with the parties attending from different countries.

Alternately you can contact me direct on 021 77 1919  (+64 21 77 1919)

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Track Record

In the past thirteen years to the end of January 2024, I have personally concluded 1,896 disputes of which 1,800 have resulted in the parties successfully resolving their differences as a result of our negotiations. This is a success rate of just under 95%.