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How to handle common disputes

Below is a list of common disputes and how to go about resolving them. In some instances, examples are similar to real life happenings. However, due to the confidential nature of mediation, we do not use real names or locations and we change certain details in order to protect the confidentiality of those involved.


Civil or Business Disputes - I want to get my civil or business dispute out and away from the court

Negotiation Help - I need help to negotiate or to close a deal

Real Estate Disputes - I have a problem with a real estate sales person or a real estate agency. What can I do?

Deceased Estates - I want to dispute a deceased estate or I am part of a deceased estate that is being challenged. What do I do?

Employment Disputes - FAQ's on different types of employment disputes

Divorce Disputes - Utilising mediation

Lease Negotiations - My business is closing due to the down turn but there is a long time left on my lease. How do I mitigate this?

Neighbourhood Disputes - I am at war with my neighbour. What should I do?

Body Corporate Disputes - I have issues with my Body Corporate. How do I go about resolving this?

TradeMe Disputes - My Trademe or other online purchase has gone bad. What can I do?

Disputes Tribunal - The value of my dispute is under $15,000. Is the Disputes Tribunal a good option for me?

Ok, I have decided to use mediation to resolve my dispute. What's the next step?

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