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How much is mediation going to cost me?

By Danny Gelb


The amount our mediators charge is only a tiny fraction of the value of the dispute. For a dispute of up to $50k, the fee is less than a thousand dollars per party plus disbursements for a single day mediation. See our website for our scale of fees.


Now what is this equivalent to? Think of the last time you visited your lawyer and briefed them on an issue in dispute. They then completed some research and they sent off one letter.


Yes, we like you to bring your lawyer or other advisors to your mediation, and they will charge you for the privilege. However, the work they will do will be, more than likely, needed if the mediation does not settle and you move on to the courts or arbitration. You can, therefore, regard it as money well invested. Not only that, you will have a far better appreciation of the merits and weaknesses of your situation.


The real question to ask yourself is, how much is it likely to cost me if I don't go to mediation? There is a tab on our website "Cost Efficiency" that has a case study on the likely best and worst case scenarios.


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