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I am at war with my neighbour. What can I do?

This is one of my most common inquires. You need to address the issue and any underlying elements. Neighbourhood wars are very toxic on one's life. To feel uncomfortable in your own home due to the presence of others living next to you is horrible. Unfortunately, there is no easy, magic answer and not every neighbourhood dispute is resolvable. There are steps you can take to attempt to resolve the situation.

  1. As hard as it may be, stop inflaming the situation. Two wrongs do not make a right. Take the moral high ground and treat your neighbour as you would like them to treat you.
  2. Ask them if there is a chance for both of you to sit down and talk this through sometime that is convenient for both of you.
  3. At this meeting, acknowledge that there have been issues in the past that can't be undone. You can't un-ring a bell, however, you are here in good faith to try and rectify things for a better future for the both of you.
  4. Identify the issues that you both have.
  5. Remove the people from the problem. That is, focus on the issue being the common problem that you both have and what can you do together to beat this common problem.
  6. Ask your neighbour to come see you should any other issue raise itself in the future and likewise, go talk to your neighbour for the same.
  7. At the conclusion, thank them for the meeting.



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