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Danny Gelb Mediation Services is located in Auckland, New Zealand. However, we are available to help you resolve your Fijian conflicts & disputes by utilising our mediation services. Mediation is an alternate dispute resolution (ADR) process that helps people find their own solutions to a problem, without someone else telling them or forcing them to a resolution that they may not like or agree with. Conflicts can consume vast amounts of energy and have a negative impact on your life and others around you including business partners, work colleagues, family and friends. Please explore our mediation services site. If nothing else, it will inform you of the positive aspects of mediation and the types of mediation services that we can provide. There are countless different types of disputes that people can encounter. See our FAQ for answers to these common disputes.

Over 95% of the disputes we are involved with are set down for a single day mediation. Some of these go late into the evening before a resolution is found. For disputes resulting in a consensual resolution, our current success rate is over 93%. Should you wish for us to mediate your dispute, then we can usually book a mediation date within a couple of weeks from the date all the parties have agreed to attend mediation.

Our services do come at a price. On the basis of you providing a suitable venue for the mediation, we can offer a fixed cost of F$10,000 for a single day mediation that includes our fee, airfares and accommodation. This may appear expensive, however, once you split this fee equally between the parties, mediation is potentially a far more cost effective option compared to funding an ongoing litigious battle. We have completed a cost efficiency study that makes interesting reading.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details either on mediation or how we can be of service to you. Our contact details are:

Danny Gelb Mediation Services
6 Tautari St
Auckland 1071
New Zealand
Ph +64 2177 1919

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