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I think I would like to use alternate dispute resolution (ADR) and attend meditation to resolve my dispute. How do I make it happen?


It is very simple, you contact us by email or phone 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763) to discuss our mediation service. I will talk with you, and all the other parties required for the mediation. An agreement to mediate and a confidentiality agreement will distributed to all parties for their authorisation. A location and date is set and I see you all there on the day.


The first item on your agenda is to contact us by email or phone 0800 HELP ME (0800 435 763) to discuss our mediation service. If I am conducting a mediation at the time you phone, I will not be able to take your call, however, my assistant will gladly do so or, you can leave a message on our voice mail.

In our initial phone call I will ask you various questions such as:

  1. What is the nature of the dispute? Is it a commercial, contract, employment or domestic dispute?
  2. In a paragraph or less, can you give me a very brief summary of what led to this dispute?
  3. Should this matter go to mediation, who else do you think needs to be there?
  4. What have you done so far in trying to resolve this dispute?
  5. Have you discussed the possibility of mediation with the people you are in the dispute with?
  6. Is there any urgency or a time constraint that you need to address?


I will then need to contact the other parties to the dispute to have a very similar conversation with them. Upon concluding the communications with all the parties, I will then decide if the dispute is suitable for mediation and, if it is, whether I am an appropriate mediator for the matter. Should I decide that I am not an appropriate mediator, then I will recommend another mediator that will be able to assist.


The appropriate paperwork will be sent around for all to authorise and we will set a date and location for the mediation. Prior to this date, I will invite all parties to make a submission to me as to what the dispute is all about, how it eventuated and what possible outcomes they are seeking. These submissions are for my eyes only and will give me an insight prior, as to what this is happening, and will not be showed to the other parties or tabled at the mediation.


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Danny Gelb Mediation Services
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