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There are issues with my Body Corporate. How do I go about resolving Body Corporate issues?

Body Corporates generate many disputes, especially when the property is a residential complex. If these disputes are left unresolved, neighbourly relations can deteriorate and your home becomes a location of great tension and stress. The heart of most Body Corporate problems can usually be traced back to a single, contentious event that caused issues for one or more people who are part of the body corporate, who now need their long term interests around this event addressed. Unfortunately, once this has happened, every little issue that then arises gets treated as a major event with different members taking sides, along with the usual barrage of toxic emails that are sent to all, along every venomous reply, which then adds more fuel to the fire.


There are various types of common body corporate disputes, such as:


The developer has gone broke and the new owner will not honour the previous contractual agreement.


An issue arises in a body corporate that divides the member and causes a dispute.


Animals and Body Corporates.


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