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Why should I Mediate my dispute?


Mediator Profiles - Danny Gelb Mediation Services 

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The Cost Efficiency of Mediation


Mediation Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Mediation Process Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

What is Mediation?

When is Mediation appropriate for dispute resolution?

Who attends Mediation?

Is Mediation Legally Binding?

Is Mediation the same as Litigation?

When can I use Mediation for dispute resolution?

What are the benefits of Mediation?

What are the costs of going to Mediation?

Can I talk to a Mediator about my problem or dispute?

Is Mediation the same as Arbitration?

Is Mediation a confidential or public process?

What paper work is required in order to attend Mediation?

I am a mediator, can I become part of the network?

Should I not be happy with a mediator, what can I do?

How to handle common disputes Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

My business is closing due to the down turn, but there is a long time left on my lease. How do I mitigate this?

I am at war with my neighbour. What should I do?

My TradeMe or other online purchase has gone bad. What can I do?

The value of my dispute is under $15,000. Is the Disputes Tribunal a good option for me?

I have a problem with a Real Estate Sales Person or a Real Estate Agency. What can I do?

Disputed Deceased Estates – Resolution by mediation.

Resolving property issues involving Body Corporates

The developer has gone broke and the new owner will not honour the previous contractual agreement.

An issue has arisen in our body corporate that now divides us and has caused a dispute.

Employment Issues

I am an employee and I have been called to a disciplinary meeting. What can I do?

There are issues in the work place that I would like addressed to improve a working relationship or working environment.

Negotiating the sale of a business


Sample Mediation Clauses that you can use in your contracts, last Will and Testament or your Family Trust.


Mediation Blog

Employment Personal Grievances - Avoidance Tips

Mediating your Business Dispute

Managing family conflict with your teenagers

Mediation Myths - Is discussing or proposing mediation a sign of weakness

Is Mediation really a confidential process?

How much is mediation going to cost me?

Introducing Conflict Coaching

Mediation Presentations - Let us come and talk to you


Articles, News and Newsletters - Danny Gelb Mediation Service.


I want to try Mediation to resolve my dispute.  What is the next step?